Talking with Trees

Under the shadow of my favourite tree the rest of the world slipped away. No need to worry about lunch time small talk. No worrying about a lack of lunch and mum and Dad miles away by my brother’s hospital bed. Sometimes a close friend dropped by to share the time with me and theContinue reading “Talking with Trees”

The Study Brigade: Piece 13

They hung out in the library, one collected different writing papers, one was a walking champion and one wore glasses. They were the study brigade. Girls to be admired, funny, smart, well groomed and lovers of books. They talked about books and maths and didn’t seem to gossip; knowledge, sports and learning were their thing.Continue reading “The Study Brigade: Piece 13”

The Visitors: Piece 10

I loved visiting Nicki’s house. She lived in a tiny flat with her mum. They had a bunk bed, her mum’s was double at the base, and Nicki had the top bunk which was a single bed. It was the first time I had ever seen a bunk bed like that. The flat was alwaysContinue reading “The Visitors: Piece 10”

Mr Kidd’s Twelfth Night:Piece 9

Riverside High, the early 1980s – I’m dropping my books, and about to head into Mr Kidd’s class. Mr Kidd is notoriously scary for those who don’t have him as a teacher. He is seen as the hardest task master in the whole school.  He doesn’t give high marks easily.  He comes across as grumpy.Continue reading “Mr Kidd’s Twelfth Night:Piece 9”