Some Facts on Cultural Diversity Australia (2014)

For more information check out HUMAN RIGHTS AND CULTURAL DIVERSITY   This makes for interesting reading and all the following are based upon studies and surveys.  I particularly like the infographic above which summarises a longer document. Australians identify with more than 270 ancestries. Most new migrants say they feel a strong sense of belongingContinue reading “Some Facts on Cultural Diversity Australia (2014)”

Uncaging the Voice, Uplifting the Spirit – the Poetry of Mahvash Sabet

‘We shout as loudly as we can but our voices too are caged/and day after day death is denied as well as aid./No one listens, no one hears this wingless bird.’ (Mahvash Sabet – ‘The Friends’) Mahvash Sabet’s Prison Poems (George Ronald Press, 2013) have been brought to the English speaking world in delicate and skilfulContinue reading “Uncaging the Voice, Uplifting the Spirit – the Poetry of Mahvash Sabet”

Freedom to Believe: Miracle Monday 4

Religious freedom is too sacred a right to be restricted or prohibited in any degree without convincing proof that a legitimate interest of the state is in grave danger.                      Frank Murphy So why don’t we always give each other the freedom to believe? Why doesContinue reading “Freedom to Believe: Miracle Monday 4”