Where have I been?

In the last few months I have been connecting with Pasifika Friends, as we carry our cultures in the heart, in the art, and in the soul wherever we go, and connect to families who share that same passion to continue meaningful cultural practices even whilst embracing new homes. I have been hearing stories ofContinue reading “Where have I been?”

Mystery of Visual Literacy – Leigh Hobbs Laureate at Large

Leigh Hobbs, this year’s Australian Children’s Laureate, is about to give a lecture, The Mystery of Visual Literacy, to the three quarters full auditorium in the state library, Queensland. The talk has been sponsored by Book Links and the Queensland Writer’s Centre. Scanning the audience I see many of my Writelinks buddies,  visitors from theContinue reading “Mystery of Visual Literacy – Leigh Hobbs Laureate at Large”

Imagining the Cast of Seinfield in Murray Upper

What can you do when it’s so wet and humid that every piece of material in your house smells like ten pairs of dried up socks rolled in blue vein cheese and hung like streamers at a birthday party for the grouch on Sesame Street? What do you do, when you feel like you’ve beenContinue reading “Imagining the Cast of Seinfield in Murray Upper”