Sprout Sunday Readings

Magic Fish Dreaming

June Reading ‘Tawny’

A big thank you from Renee and June for all those families who braved the weather to reach the beautiful  venue, and stopped to listen to story and poetry about nature and Queensland and to the Sprout Sunday organisers, Gold Coast Green Living and Botanical Bazaar, and venue Host, the Surfer’s Paradise Golf Club, for having us at this day.

The indoor fairy lights and the hall of the Surfers Paradise Gold Club were quite magical, and we were happy that the farmers received their rain and thankful it cleared up a bit later in the day.

A special thank you to the wonderful young people  who helped read the dialogue poems and  show many of the animals featured in the Discovering Magic poem.

We hope that all those people who brought copies of the book will love them and would love it if they let others…

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Kickstarter Crowd Funding Explained


For all of those Magic Fish Dreaming Backers  who might be using kickstarter for the first time.

1) You register to use as you are charged for the book only when project is fully funded and so you can receive updates of when your products will be delivered etc.

2) You do this once only and then can support future kickstarter projects and even set up your own in future.

3) Check the project timelines, this book for instance will be delivered the end of this year between October and December and the workshops will run in 2017 for anyone booking them

4) You need to pick the reward you want, but you can pledge any amount you wish, this is totally up to you.  Pick the one you like most.  Rewards are designed to be good value to you. Anything else ?  Head to kickstarter to find out  FAQ KICKSTART

Our first goal to reach is $9000.  We are currently at $1894 ! (34 days to go)

The earlier we reach $9000 the better, as everybody can celebrate that we can definitely go ahead.  We value every contribution, small or large.

Head to our project link  HERE

What’s After, After Yasi


An enormous thankyou to all the people who contributed to the After Yasi,  Finding the Smile Within, blog hop and launch,  the people who lived the recovery journey,  all those who dropped by for a virtual chat last night, or left a message, a like, a retweet,  and my family and those who have begun to purchase and explore the ebook.

You can visit the viritual chats here.

Chat 1

Chat 2

Chat 3

Thanks to all those who shared  or listened to stories on the power of engaging emotion in storytelling, dealing with recovery natural disaster, living in cyclone regions, going through storms and more; especially Brad Marsellos who documented the Bundaberg experience,  Jacqueline Pascarl from Operation Angel, and my friend Melinda Irvine who is currently living a life of service and finding ways to assist women in the Phillipines.  A special thankyou also to Danny Letham  (UK) and Carol Campbell (United States) for logging in from their respective countries.


You might be wondering what’s next.  It’s definitely time to explore new horizons in storytelling topics, but resilience and power of community and art to heal and empower will be at the heart of whatever I do.  I am still at heart a poet so there’s always more poetry in the works.

I have learnt there’s power in a poetic storytelling too.

This month I am attending a forum for Asia/Pacific Documentary put on by a local Brisbane Documentary group to find inspiration to work that out.  There are lots of documentary makers living in Brisbane but I haven’t met them yet and this is the first step to do so.

I am not sure sure exactly what my next big topic for storytelling will be, but there is so much in the world we need to address through the power of storytelling, poetry and art (including songwriting) that taps into the emotions. It has to be something that I feel strongly about and can build a connection to. Otherwise how will people trust me with their stories. It might even be a project about storytellers and their journey to find a voice.


Using multiplatforms gives storytellers the opportunity to create a multidimensional tapestry to an unfolding story.  Voice, visuals, imagination, online cybertrails can all combine in the making of an uplifting but also critical tapestry.

I’ve been taking the time to learn about storytelling, writing, for children and young people and have completed a book about my family’s time in  North Queensland, which is made up of short stories, poems and some of the contribtions I made to  ABC Open’s 500 words project.  It’s called Magic Fish and All that Jazz and should be out by the end of the year.


I’ve been taking the time to settle into a new home, and am still finding my feet and the communities I want to join activities with. I often share this journey of learning about the city on my blog.

I took a poem I wrote and have drafted it into a picture book and have started a chapter book in the fantasy genre.  During this process many of the members of Writelinks  have been an inspiration and are supportive of myself and many other storytellers who choose to place their primary focus on young people.  I have found a community I relate to, and who at their heart, want to empower the young through literacy and imagination.

And on a final note here is a link to something that came up in discussions last night – The  Tully World Record of Highschool students -one year after Yasi.   This is something my husband did with his Physics Class.  In part to take their mind fully off the cyclone and enjoy the magic of science.  Maybe it’s time the two of us did a project together.

You still have a couple more days if you want to leave comments at any sport in the blog hop for a chance to win a free copy of it or a photographic print.  This offer closes on the 6th of February.

Finding the Zing

Guinea Pig Soft toy Cubby – June Perkins

So today for PiBoIdMo – I was inspired by this post Plot Twists that Zing.  You just have to head over to it and have a read of that post and look at the books it talks about.  I just loved it!

I am looking for story ideas that have a clever twist, an xfactor that makes you want to read from the title alone.  It’s about pushing the limits, nothing is too crazy or out of the way.

It’s going to be fun.  What will I put into my magic zing list? What is my recipe for zing, gleaned from the Picture Book Den, fabulous blog. Plot Twists that Zing?

  1. Think of a favourite animal, in my case from Far North Queensland where I used to live, or  maybe go with one of the animals I know well like guinea pigs or Minor Birds (make sure it is something other people don’t write about though).
  2. Combine it with something kids love, pirates, fairies, wizards, magic, or dragons.
  3. Give them an unusual problem that doesn’t come immediately to mind, maybe drawn from a reality show, house sharing, cooking, music talent show.
  4. Remove something essential from a fairy tale and put something else in it to make it zing.
  5. Check no-one else has done this, and then adopt the process again, until I have generated several ideas, then pick one to work with.

I hope you find your zing today too.  I am going to apply this same rule to my chapter book.  Already I am excited about the writing day.