International Women’s Day; pen portraits, poetry, posts past

Wishing you a happy International Women’s Day.  Wishing you strength in your quests to empower women. Enjoy! Weaving Sunset A poem. Poetry of Mahvash Sabet  A review of a poet rising above her situation of being a religious conscience prisoner. Empowerment of Women A reflection. It’s all in the Sidetracks When I first met Jennifer Martiniello.Continue reading “International Women’s Day; pen portraits, poetry, posts past”

For All the Worlds Women

Here is a feather for Flight To strengthen your wings To put the world right Take this peace feather For all of life’s weather Add to it more for your wings. Who are the women you treasure? Who helped you into the sky? Speak to them, pray for them, work with them Strengthen them –Continue reading “For All the Worlds Women”