Jourama Falls


This weeks highlight was a trip to Jourama Falls on the way home from a medical appointment.

It was late afternoon, but being North Queensland still fairly warm.

My children weren’t that sure about the whole idea, but their Dad and I thought, come on let’s see how we go.

It was about a 50 minute walk there and back from the car park.

The walk was moderately difficult.

It was well paved, and had rubber grip mats on some of it.

I enjoyed photographing flowering cycads, the falls, and the river we walked over. Of course I was at the back of our walking party, as usual.

The final incline was hard work, but glimpses of the falls through the trees teased and motivated us to keep going.

Definitely a walk to have a drink bottle on; we were thankful for it, and had a good sip of fluid during the journey.

When we arrived at the falls, my youngest son thought they looked like Rivendale in the Hobbit.

We had just been to see it at the movies, so it was fresh in his mind.

The series of mini falls was very different from other falls we have seen in this area.

Was it worth the walk, I think so!


You can see more pics at my flickr space.