Reaching the Mountain of My First Draft

I am looking down the pathway of writing my way to the mountain of my completed first draft. Using my plan and outline as a map and continuing to read books that inspire me when I become stuck, I have reached my fourth chapter. I am following the plan, but letting the characters help meContinue reading “Reaching the Mountain of My First Draft”

Precious Painting; Precious Times

Originally posted on Following the Crow Song:
Me as Young Artist – by Edward Broomhall I was delighted to receive this photograph of attending an art class in my childhood from our art teacher at that time. Thanks Edward! I remember this experience and this jumper so well. It was one of my favourite jumpers,…


Originally posted on Following the Crow Song:
Early sunset autumn Early autumn and our sun begins setting around five. We head out for a walk before the evening chill sets in. My youngest son and daughter walk, then run, then walk. Youngest is speedy, fluid, fast – he loves to run but not in competitions…