Swing Waiting For Child

swingwaitingforchild, a photo by gumbootspearlz creations – June Perkins on Flickr. I think this swing waits for a child or a person with a child’s heart or a parent with a daughter or son to entertain. This swing waits and is still for there is no wind. Today my friends, family and I facebooked aboutContinue reading “Swing Waiting For Child”

A Prince, Cassowary Gift and Handshakes of optimism

A sea of umbrellas Beating down sun.  Umbrellas of all colours and sizes.  People of Tully gathering,  Young and old, families, babies, all backgrounds, a throng of people waiting for the Prince to arrive.  They find their spots, on the boundary, in the stands, and some like me wandering to find the best camera vantageContinue reading “A Prince, Cassowary Gift and Handshakes of optimism”