Back to University

So there may not be too much going on my blog, but behind the scenes is another story. I recently made the monumental decision to return to university to study a masters of teaching! My goal is to become a high school teacher of humanities and literature, and or work in curriculum design and educationContinue reading “Back to University”

Meeting an Anthropologist

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One of my Aunties – in her face I see my mother so clearly!  Rotorua, in Aoteroa/ New Zealand, has one of those aromas that you can never forget and which is hard to escape. For me the strong smell of the sulphur is overtaken by an experience that has represented…

Precious Painting; Precious Times

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Me as Young Artist – by Edward Broomhall I was delighted to receive this photograph of attending an art class in my childhood from our art teacher at that time. Thanks Edward! I remember this experience and this jumper so well. It was one of my favourite jumpers,…

She Shared her Medal – Paralympics

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The Paralympics, in 2000, gave us one of the most precious memories of our life in Sydney. My husband and I were living there with our two young children (our youngest was not yet born.) We were both looking after them, whilst doing our PhDs at the University…

Nature Diary: In the Country with the Perkins’s

  I want to remember what it was like to live out near the cane, on the way to a waterfall, where the wallabies, goannas and bandicoots roam. We have had wallabies come visiting in the back yard. They run around until they work their way to front gate and hop out again. The otherContinue reading “Nature Diary: In the Country with the Perkins’s”