The Light of Unity

“…the ages of darkness have passed away, and the century of light has come. Ignorant prejudices are being dispelled, and the light of unity is shining. The differences existing between nations and peoples will soon be annulled, and the fundamentals of the divine religions, which are no other than the oneness and solidarity of theContinue reading “The Light of Unity”

Shadows into Light

There are days when you can play with shadows to see the light you can find these on journeys past cane and fallen down trees. Life has corners you can’t see twists and turns still photography. Sometimes we don’t see connections We go and miss the shimmering. Sometimes we don’t see the beauty We’ve forgottenContinue reading “Shadows into Light”

Basket of Light

In the late afternoons baskets of light weave themselves into the branches. They catch the sun and make it into petals and stars dancing through circles. I love to watch  for these baskets of light. Click them into my camera and hold them in an image. If only children could climb into them away fromContinue reading “Basket of Light”

When I pass

Always behind seeking to capture textures of a family walk mushrooms in a tree stump When I pass is this one of the images that will flash before me? When I pass will I see reality lights of cane and sunset flickering orange, green merging and realise my soul is an interconnection of light toContinue reading “When I pass”

Seeing what is really there – more from ripple poetry

His favourite colour is to be found in the ocean but yesterday he realised it was not always blue but green & grey pink & blue & it depended on the way the light was reflected & he then began drawing the ocean all its colours & then found out a flame was not yellow.Continue reading “Seeing what is really there – more from ripple poetry”