Serendipity: Miracle Monday 3

A basket – taken by June Perkins made by a friend

There are times when fate seems to be aligning all the planets and bringing brilliance our way – Serendipity!

“The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.”

But is it our 0wn effort, and striving  that leads to these discoveries and events even though they may  seem to be accidental?

A few days ago someone ask me how my husband and I met.

We met after a conference we had both been at in Sydney, New South Wales, but never crossed paths at. He was to be the driver of a team of youth to drive around Country Victoria (Australia) to work on projects to help other youth and visit people in country areas.  I was looking for him on my arrival there.

The first words I ever said to him were ‘So you’re the one,’ meaning of course the driver of the upcoming trip, but he turned out to literally be ‘the one.’

I was on the trip after saving money for months to go to the conference and also being sponsored for the project afterwards by a family.

He was on that trip, not really expecting to find the one, but he had asked a friend on Baha’i pilgrimage to pray he would find a wife.  She prayed all nine days of our trip, and by the end of it I think we both knew perhaps we had found ‘the one.’


Another story of serendipity was in the recent visit of Alesa Lajana to my area.  She discovered that I was friends with some of the people she was staying with and also a couple of people she was learning weaving from.

We were all woven together – into the fabric of her life.  I knew her because my sons had gone to a guitar workshop she held in Yungaburra (where she also performed).  It was so cool to see her again.

With Alesa and Aunty Doris4
Aunty Doris, Alesa and Me- taken by my eldest son

The connection – we both like creative things, and she is on a quest for hidden histories but also likes learning how to do weaving.

Another serendipitous happening is that my husband and I once had no ties to the Cassowary Coast in terms of relatives, but then our niece married a local boy and so suddenly we did.

Not only that her in-laws are good friends with one of my closest friends here. Her mother in law is a photographer who some  other friends had told me to connect with as we both love photography.

We didn’t expect this to happen but people travel and new family connections are made, everyday.

Do you have stories of serendipity from your life?