The Common Ground

(c) June Perkins

Think of the last time you were afraid, the shortness of breath, the no-please- I-don’t-want-to- feel-that-way-stomach-knots that made it impossible to move and all you did to find courage. Universal courage.

Think of the last time love surrounded you and gave you a sense of safety, so much shelter and growth that you just wanted to pass that to another who was vulnerable but full of potential and on the verge of courage,  but they were so full of fear they were about to drown and love was a lifeline that you extended.

Think of the last time love swelled in your heart and you had to give it, for it flowed from you unbidden to the one you loved, and the beloved was all you could see, and it made you forget yourself and you could sacrifice anything, but that sacrifice would never hurt, or limit, or destroy, that love was growth, that love was harmony.

Think of the last time sacrifice didn’t feel like giving anything up, but it was an expression of love,  a giving of time and place to something greater, and your priorities made it so clear what needed to be sacrificed so all, without exception, could thrive and live and grow, and it was equally clear what would never ever be sacrificed. That was hope. That was caring. That was compassion.

Think of love that is not blind, but is seeing deeper than the surface, but more like seeing into the soul, beyond the skin, and the bones, and the have and have not, and the wealth and the poverty. Universal love. Love free from judgement.

Think of friendship that does not control, or trap or oppress, or thrive on put downs, but sees the common ground and is the truest expression of love. Universal friendship.

Do this to find the common ground.

Then, walk on the common ground. Dance on the common ground.

Sing of the common ground.

Does this look and feel like freedom?

(c) June Perkins

I Choose Love

I choose love, not hate;
I hear Martin Luther King knocking at the door.

I choose poetry, deny so called fate
I hear so many poets as they roar.

Maya Angelou says, ‘be the rainbow
in someone else’s cloud.’

I am a rainbow and I forgive, but still call
for injustice to be ploughed.

Mahatma Ghandi shows people how to resist
with non violence, so I wage peace not war;
I don’t wait for it to come knocking at the door.

I read ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s Paris Talks
and picture when he brings Louis Gregory to the table
and makes acceptance more than a fable.

Actions always speak louder than words
but words have power
that can be absurd
or turn humanity into
a soaring bird.

I choose for my children
more than debate.

May they educate
illuminate, radiate then eradicate
prejudice forevermore.

I dream we’ll walk through unity’s gate.

June Perkins

A More Powerful Thought of Love


When a thought of war comes,
oppose it by a stronger thought of peace.
A thought of hatred must be destroyed
by a more powerful thought of love.
(Abdu’l-Baha, Paris Talks, p. 28)

Thinking of all the places in the world in need of healing.
Thinking of all the young people in the world who need freedom
to be educated, to find jobs, to grow up and find wisdom.
Moving beyond thinking to doing what can be done.
Thinking positively and praying.

Praying in a way that leads to action.
Actions that give everyone freedom
the freedom to think and do things
that bring peace within
and between people.

Sending out a more powerful thought of love.


No barriers


Love recognizes no barriers.

It jumps hurdles, leaps fences,

penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.

Maya Angelou


The day wall came tumbling down in Germany
I was answering a university exam question about how it might never come down
hope was confirmed the exam turned upside down.

I hope that day comes again and
many more walls that need to be shaken
receive the sledge hammer of
human love global love so walls of
war, poverty, prejudice are overturned.

By June Perkins

Love – the Story of Zach: Miracle Monday 5

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By June Perkins

The miracle of love enables us to let go when we cannot change things.

Love for eternity knows no boundaries and no end.

Over the weekend I was deeply moved watching the story of Zach which aptly illustrates the kind of love I am talking about.

“Zach Sobiech, at the age of 14, found out he had a rare form of terminal cancer. So he became a rock star, and millions of people got to see his music before he passed away on May 20, 2013. This is his beautiful story.”

You can find the rest of his story by going HERE, and be warned you will need some tissues for this one.

Zach’s story teaches so much about letting people we know that we care, about living life to the full as if everyday is our last but not selflishly, selflessly.

It’s about being happy, no matter what, even if death is visible at life’s door.

Zach’s song ‘Clouds’, continues to raise money and awareness about cancer and how it effects families.

Fly onward on your spiritual journey, in peace and song Zach!

As for my own story of the Miracle of Love, I think it would have to be the story of how my parents met and ignoring all the people who said they shouldn’t be together because of cultural and colour differences, married and had me.

This is a story I am still working on finding out more about.

Do you have a story to share about the miracle of love?