Love – the Story of Zach: Miracle Monday 5

The miracle of love enables us to let go when we cannot change things. Love for eternity knows no boundaries and no end. Over the weekend I was deeply moved watching the story of Zach which aptly illustrates the kind of love I am talking about. “Zach Sobiech, at the age of 14, found outContinue reading “Love – the Story of Zach: Miracle Monday 5”

All you need is love: and a video camera

Okay so I became a little excited today when I logged into facebook and found in my feed a Soul Pancake video project to LOVE;  all about the way LOVE looks the world over. Due by September 14th and with a total openess about the theme (with a few safety guidelines to make it suitableContinue reading “All you need is love: and a video camera”


Where do you find the happiness buzz?  Where do you find words and images to express this? I ask myself this when I am having days that seem challenging. I know that there are people both worse off and better off.  Nothing is gained by comparisons of guilt, privilege or pity.  Riches come and go,Continue reading “Happiness”