Riverbend Books Event – 18th January 2017

It was a magical day of discovering and hunting for poems at Riverbend bookshop. Vicky from Riverbend books gave a warm introduction, and shared that our book was crowd funded, beautifully done, and well supported by the local community. I let our audience know where the book was set, but think maybe next time IContinue reading “Riverbend Books Event – 18th January 2017”

Magic Fish Dreaming heads to Sacramento, United States

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June – day before reading at Riverbend and receiving the following message I presented “Magic Fish Dreaming” to the Courtyard Private School in Sacramento. They were thrilled and there was much discussion about the package. So many oohs and aahs could be heard in the administration offices. The posters…

Children and Youth at the Magic Fish Dreaming Launch

  Thank to these families for giving permission to share photographs of their delightful children at the Magic Fish Dreaming launch. * Thanks also to the youth pictured who gave their permission as well. These images were taken by Peter Allert, Heidi Den Ronden, and Jillanne Harrison. Feedback from some of our Children and YouthContinue reading “Children and Youth at the Magic Fish Dreaming Launch”

Designer in Focus – Heidi Den Ronden

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So how did you come to be part of the Magic Fish Dreaming team? I met June Perkins through my involvement in the ABC Open Disaster Project. We kept in contact and she approached me about designing the layout for a children’s book she was working on. What is…

The Printing of Magic Fish Dreaming

As this blog goes up, Magic Fish Dreaming is being printed and bound by Fergies, a Brisbane based printer. We were lucky enough to have permission to have a sneak view of ¬†our book’s printing. We thank them for hosting our visit to the printing of the book and the immense care they have takenContinue reading “The Printing of Magic Fish Dreaming”