Magic Fish Dreaming at APT 9

I read some Magic Fish Dreaming poems as well as a poem inspired by Sydney Long’s painting Spirit of the Plains daily over the three days of the festival. It was so much fun to share these poems and the story behind their inspirations. I loved performing my new ‘Brolga’ poem and ‘Cassowary Chat’ withContinue reading “Magic Fish Dreaming at APT 9”

Dare to Dream – A Sustainable Life as a Creative

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Our guest blogger is Dr June Perkins, who has recently published a beautiful children’s poetry book called “Magic Fish Dreaming”. To produce this book, June combined her artistic and creative talent, her academic qualifications in writing for empowerment, her poetic skills, her love of writing and reading, and her…

Keeping those Launch friendships – back at Magdas

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Sandon and Merv It was such a delight to attend Folk at Magdas last Saturday night. After hearing my children perform at the launch of Magic Fish Dreaming  in October Merv has been persistently and gently encouraging them to attend and perform at this regular event hosted at Magdas.…

Pacing Yourself – When Creatives Get Busy

So this has been a week of longing to creatively write and being busy with so many other tasks. I have the longing of this girl staring into the banana field.  My finished novel and books are somewhere in the distance.  But now I need to use that longing to walk into that path andContinue reading “Pacing Yourself – When Creatives Get Busy”

Kids Book Review Interview

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Hooray!  Just letting you know that today there is an interview with June on Kids Book Review Interview   (done by Penny Harrison) You can find  some earlier interviews here: Readilearn Interview (With Norah Colvin) ABC interview (sound cloud) Poet Turns to Crowd Funding (sound cloud) Karen Tyrrell Interview Dimity Powell’s Interview Ali Stegert…