I Choose Love

I choose love, not hate;I hear Martin Luther King knocking at the door. I choose poetry, deny so called fateI hear so many poets as they roar. Maya Angelou says, ‘be the rainbowin someone else’s cloud.’ I am a rainbow and I forgive, but still callfor injustice to be ploughed. Mahatma Ghandi shows people howContinue reading “I Choose Love”

Art singing and dancing in the Streets

Art in the city, not shut away in galleries, but everywhere you look. It’s on power boxes, telegraph poles, railway station walls. climbs onto walls and alleyways. chalked, painted, sprayed, and poster papered. It’s murals with messages from Martin Luther King everytime I used to catch the bus in Marrickville I’d see his face withContinue reading “Art singing and dancing in the Streets”