Illuminations – on its way!

I have been a bit quiet of late, as a new book, Illuminations: 19 Poems and 1 Story, is about to be born. At the end of this post is a preview of the back cover. It has been a happy process – and has reunited me with designer Heidi Den Ronden and editor MatildaContinue reading “Illuminations – on its way!”

I Choose Love

I choose love, not hate;I hear Martin Luther King knocking at the door. I choose poetry, deny so called fateI hear so many poets as they roar. Maya Angelou says, ‘be the rainbowin someone else’s cloud.’ I am a rainbow and I forgive, but still callfor injustice to be ploughed. Mahatma Ghandi shows people howContinue reading “I Choose Love”

The Writer Looks for Her Song

The highlight of the week was receiving  package of books that I had ordered on line, including my favourite poet, Maya Angelou! I am busy reading them now.  The Murphy book, Pearl Verses the World, was just lovely~ so looking forward to meeting Sally on the 26th of August and asking her to sign it.Continue reading “The Writer Looks for Her Song”

Secrets to Living your Best Life

Thank you Maya Angelou now gone to be universal ancestor so glad you leave your words to guide the people’s hearts away from hate to the very best they can be to become empowered social participants who see ancestors – who were the rainbows in their clouds who paved the way for the people theyContinue reading “Secrets to Living your Best Life”