Skyping for World Literacy

Magic Fish Dreaming

Image courtesy Mel Irvine, children in Philippines Reading Magic Fish Dreaming

So excited that I will be skyped to Philippines in September, to read  poems to some of the children gathering there to celebrate World Literacy Day.

My dear friend Mel Irvine, supported the kickstarter creation of the book and purchased it to share with Philippine’s children has recently extended this invitation to me. I thank her very much for the opportunity to share poetry and my story live to an overseas audience.

I applaud all her wonderful efforts working to empower the children and young people through the arts and education and feel both blessed and privileged to know her.

Will let you know how it goes!

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Apple Cores

I’d like to encourage my blog readers to head over and visit and read Mel’s blog of her journey in the Philippines. So happy she is coming back soon to Australia and hope to catch up with her then.

Melinda J. Irvine

Apple cores have been on my mind these past months since having a seven year old boy stay with me for a time. Apple cores, the burden of gadgets and not blogging.

Three hours ago I was about to donate the lot to the nearest NGO and rid myself of the problem so I could just play with the kids, support the ladies in the livelihood projects and cut apples.

When I began this website last year, it was really about raising funds for the people of the Philippines who had been affected by Typhoon Yolanda. Arriving  here for the first time last year I was so overwhelmed by the poverty and the website, was borne of that (as well as something I had read from Mother Teresa). So many people had donated and those funds helped rebuild houses, refinance loans, buy food, medicines, clothes, school supplies and pay for…

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I just wanted to share this story from my friend Mel –  you can leave your thoughts direct on her blog. Have you ever made assumptions?

Melinda J. Irvine

Sometimes you make the most ridiculous assumptions.

The other night I pulled up after driving all day and parked under the bridge at the Emerald Botanical Gardens. It was bloody hot. Western Queensland driving all day in the heat hot.

It was late and dark; the lights in the garden had dimmed to a glow. I had the car wide open thinking about all my well meaning friends telling me to stay safe, lock up, don’t talk to strangers.  All the usual things I ignore as I hug them goodbye.

Through the trees I could see a man at a table with a heap of buckets, shining his torch into the garbage bin and on the ground looking for food. I thought maybe I should take over the can of sardines I had but something stopped me; was it the safety warnings or something else?

It was very dark and…

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