Hidden Walks

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Banana Field in Tully Town – June Perkins Every town, urban or rural, has the hidden walks.  These are the ones the locals know about and love.  These walks can be found in the oddest places. They might be alongside a river, behind a school, near a local…

Chat with GrandDad Gerard

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     Here is my son’s Chat with Grandad (my Dad) Can you tell me what countries my relatives are from? My parents, and my father’s parents, were all born in England. My father’s paternal grandfather (Jean Gerard) was born in France, and had “mixed” (African?) decent. My mother’s…

She Shared her Medal – Paralympics

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The Paralympics, in 2000, gave us one of the most precious memories of our life in Sydney. My husband and I were living there with our two young children (our youngest was not yet born.) We were both looking after them, whilst doing our PhDs at the University…

Images of Cardwell

I’ve just been looking through some old photographs and found some enchanting memories of trips to Cardwell, just down the road.  It is under going lots of restoration and change. I miss how it was before Yasi. Before the cyclone it had some beautiful trees, covered in flowers, and there for the climbing. I rememberContinue reading “Images of Cardwell”