Skin and bone, short curly hair, dreams and fancies: Piece 17

She was a funny little thing that childhood me – skin and bone, short curly hair, dreams and fancies. She used to like to pretend she knew Joan of Arc personally. She was riding in her army. She stopped her burning at the stake. She loved to pretend she was Heidi, and so when takingContinue reading “Skin and bone, short curly hair, dreams and fancies: Piece 17”

Somewhere is the Memory: Piece 15

Somewhere is the memory of who I was – the wide-eyed child with serious looks, who was quiet many times when others spoke, yet a chatterbox with her closest friends. Does she shape me now that curious shy girl and tell me how far I’ve truly come in the journey of my life? She madeContinue reading “Somewhere is the Memory: Piece 15”

Who Shaped Me – makes me want to play my guitar…

Reading all the Who Shaped Me Stories so far at ABC Open is an enlightening experience. Just who do the contributors find shapes them? So far fathers, friends, and teachers lead the way. Are influences always positive, or do we sometimes form ourselves in antithesis to others? Denis Murphy explores this in his contributions.    EspeciallyContinue reading “Who Shaped Me – makes me want to play my guitar…”

An Anti Ode to Tupperware

Recently the Monday online writing sprint group I love to participate in decided to have a writing  challenge about Tupperware. We’d been discussing the directions of our posts within the group, and I quipped “as long as no one tries to sell me tupperware or linen here I’ll be happy.” It was amazing to findContinue reading “An Anti Ode to Tupperware”

Mother Made it So: Piece 1

  I was a well groomed young lady because my mother always made it so. She stressed ironed clothes, well brushed hair, and the best selection of hand-me-downs and St Vincent Wear, with the occasional new bargain thrown in. Early photo albums always show her well dressed, but not conventionally so. Sometimes she’s in saris,Continue reading “Mother Made it So: Piece 1”