Karate Brother

Gullible. Yes, even though I was the eldest by one year, sometimes my brother’s charm, made me do silly things. I wised up as I grew older and wiser, but not after a few hard lessons. One of these occurred when he had set the lounge up to practice ‘karate.’ ‘Sis, I need someone toContinue reading “Karate Brother”

Look Don’t Touch

This is one of my contributions to the ABC Open project 500 words. I felt inspired by the topic and am loving reading everyone’s contributions. Mum has always loved gardens.  She used to stop and knock on our neighbours’ doors when their gardens had plants with brilliant potential cuttings.   Then she would ask ‘DoContinue reading “Look Don’t Touch”

The truth of the sacred plant…

The other day my Mum told me the above plant near the butterfly is ‘sacred’ and wards off bad spirits.  I have lots of them outside my house, so this is a kind of cool thing to know if you believe bad spirits need to be warded off. Sharing stories and photos on facebook hasContinue reading “The truth of the sacred plant…”

Experiences of Epiphany – in the ‘Big Smoke’ Part 3

Saturday Morning  10th March The morning of the aftermath presentation arrives and my friends ask if I’d like to go to the West End Markets before my talk.  It seems like a good idea to quell the nerves. It is something to behold though, we arrive to a mellow saxophonist sitting by the entrance.  TheContinue reading “Experiences of Epiphany – in the ‘Big Smoke’ Part 3”

Wonder a Day 13: Joy of Childhood

I was scanning through some old photos and came across this series of my youngest son when we lived in Brisbane, he is three I think,  and he’s playing on a backyard swing in Brisbane.    He was having so much fun with a piece of rope, some dirt for the feet and a shady tree.Continue reading “Wonder a Day 13: Joy of Childhood”