Brilliant News

I am so excited to announce I have been selected for a mentorship to work on one of my picture book manuscripts. Thirteen talented writers have been selected as mentorship recipients under the ASA’s Emerging Writers’ and Illustrators’ Mentorship Program. Congratulations to all other recipients. May we all have the best year ever! “Applications wereContinue reading “Brilliant News”

A Mentor’s Journey

  When you mentor you are working towards giving someone independence to achieve his or her own dream. You are not doing for, but inspiring someone to action. I made the short film above, inspired by Danielle’s dream for a dance drama where she danced both parts. She wanted to make a film called ShadowContinue reading “A Mentor’s Journey”

Photofinish Fashion Episode

I was intrigued by  Fashion: Episode 5  of Photofinish having never done studio photography. I can only imagine working with lights, props, make up and costume as well as an amazing camera and on top of that needing to have a vision of an era of fashion. This was one challenge where some training in photographyContinue reading “Photofinish Fashion Episode”

Reinventing Futures for Refugee and Migrant Women

Refugees and migrants come to Australia looking to rebuild their lives, and face many challenges – from tackling new cultures, language, home-sickness to searching for economic independence.  They come with talents, dreams and expectations. They come to Australia to build new futures but the reality is often not what they may have expected of theContinue reading “Reinventing Futures for Refugee and Migrant Women”