Film Making Mentors: Piece 19

I couldn’t end this journey of who shaped me without special mention of Mick Bromage and Leandro Palacio who have helped shape my beginnings as a film maker. They have taught me that you start with your imagination and a storyline.  You begin to create that storyline through images and sounds. You match the imagesContinue reading “Film Making Mentors: Piece 19”

People in our lives in 2011

I could have focused this year’s round up on events and achievements, but instead it’s all about people.  We’ve had so many people touch our lives this year this post is dedicated to just some of them. Some awesome Tully people all banding together after Yasi We shared experiences, checked up on each other andContinue reading “People in our lives in 2011”

Guest blogging makes me brave and leads to discoveries

Joe with picture of Pam when she was younger…, a photo by gumbootspearlz creations – June Perkins on Flickr. Yes, my guest blogging for abcopen continues – what a great bunch those producers are – busy creating, workshopping and out and about getting to know the community.They inspire me to do the same. Mick, Leandro,Continue reading “Guest blogging makes me brave and leads to discoveries”

Blogging with a Purpose

Reading this blog  ‘Beautiful Thanks’ by Sarah today, reminded me of the power of blogging, words, images and friendship. Recently I made my first digital story for my guest blogging at ABCopen.  I learnt how to use the video editing program with one In the Bin intensive workshop from last year, some pointers from LeandroContinue reading “Blogging with a Purpose”

Portrait Day with ABCopen

For someone who normally likes to take, rather than be in pictures, having a portrait done is a tad scary.  I’ve been asked to do this by ABC for their annual report, where they are featuring some of their guest bloggers ‘engaging the community in conversations,’ and sharing more about the ABCopen project. I needn’tContinue reading “Portrait Day with ABCopen”