Boys can be more, they can be heroes in a new way.’: Miracle Monday 6

This week my Mum was sad because her niece lost her son and it brought many sad memories back for her of the loss of one of her son’s, one of my brothers. It always saddens me to think of the lost potential, especially of young men who feel disenfranchised, lost and who start toContinue reading “Boys can be more, they can be heroes in a new way.’: Miracle Monday 6”

Love – the Story of Zach: Miracle Monday 5

The miracle of love enables us to let go when we cannot change things. Love for eternity knows no boundaries and no end. Over the weekend I was deeply moved watching the story of Zach which aptly illustrates the kind of love I am talking about. “Zach Sobiech, at the age of 14, found outContinue reading “Love – the Story of Zach: Miracle Monday 5”

Empowerment of Women: Miracle Monday 2

  Women – when strengthened can do so much.  There  are miracles I see in my mother’s life and my own and in the global world of women that bear testament to this. When my mother was a child, she was the caretaker of the pigs.  She had to feed them and fatten them upContinue reading “Empowerment of Women: Miracle Monday 2”