From the Archives

The last month I’ve been working on creating folio samples for applications and checking my archives for works that have potential, but perhaps just need more editing or a process of reinvention. The above picture is of a poem from a Writing Group Anthology from 10 years ago! Under One Sky with the Licuala Writers.Continue reading “From the Archives”

Ecology Quest 1 – Bush turkey holes, and finding a bat wing coral tree

Yesterday I read the following from David Attenborough:  “Where in 1945 it was thought that the way to solve the problem was to create wildlife parks and nature reserves, that is no longer an option. They are not enough now. The whole countryside should be available for wildlife. The suburban garden, roadside verges … allContinue reading “Ecology Quest 1 – Bush turkey holes, and finding a bat wing coral tree”

Film Night, May 10th 2012 – Mission Beach Resort

 You are invited to A  Film Night  June Perkins and ABC Open  Short Films about the Cassowary Coast, Queensland and Australia   Thursday May 10th 5-8pm  ‘Rainforest Room’ Mission Beach Resort  RSVP  helpful to catering.  Attendance limited to 100.  Head over to my facebook space and RSVP there.  June’s Facebook Information Panel  – and discussionContinue reading “Film Night, May 10th 2012 – Mission Beach Resort”