International Women’s Day; pen portraits, poetry, posts past

Wishing you a happy International Women’s Day.  Wishing you strength in your quests to empower women. Enjoy! Weaving Sunset A poem. Poetry of Mahvash Sabet  A review of a poet rising above her situation of being a religious conscience prisoner. Empowerment of Women A reflection. It’s all in the Sidetracks When I first met Jennifer Martiniello.Continue reading “International Women’s Day; pen portraits, poetry, posts past”

Mother Made it So

To celebrate Mother’s Day.     I was a well groomed young lady because my mother always made it so. She stressed ironed clothes, well brushed hair, and the best selection of hand-me-downs and St Vincent Wear, with the occasional new bargain thrown in. Early photo albums always show her well dressed, but not conventionallyContinue reading “Mother Made it So”

Show not tell poetry4peace

Feeling a little heart-broken with all the despair in so many parts of the world. Time to write lots more #poetry4peace Another bomb another bomb fell on Gaza and more people died more people were feeling anxious about flying breakfast television said it was because of the news and events in Ukraine mothers and childrenContinue reading “Show not tell poetry4peace”

This wheel doesn’t turn

Originally posted on Ripple Poetry :
Image Credit Creative Commons, some rights reserved Michael Scott This wheel doesn’t turn the way that it should it just has a soul of its own. Frustration is crawling under my skin wheeling all over my day. This wheel doesn’t turn the way that it should left is right right…

Random Angels in the Wings

  Ever had random angels in the wings?  They say or do just what you might have needed at that moment.  Afterwards you find yourself thinking, did that just happen? These angels seem all the more random because they are in public spaces and make you feel happy, helped and safe, when perhaps you couldContinue reading “Random Angels in the Wings”