Epic Journeys and Families Meant to Be

My friend Mel is on an epic journey to become a full time mum who is able to live in the country she chooses with her currently, foster, but hopefully to one day be adopted son. This journey actually began as a reaching out to voluntarily help people in the Philippines after a typhoon, thisContinue reading “Epic Journeys and Families Meant to Be”

Day 4 PiBoIdMo

Day 4 of PiBoIdMo, hanging out at my keyboard and my online homes, staring at the dragon my daughter made me and thinking about a weekend full of a social catch up and meeting up with Write links- the wonderful writing group for children and young adults I have connected with since moving to Brisbane.Continue reading “Day 4 PiBoIdMo”

Firelight Sing-a-long

Originally posted on Following the Crow Song:
Firelight Singer – By June Perkins By the firelight we singalong.  We’ve asked eldest to bring out his guitar and he’s become our karoke machine.  He knows so many songs.  But he doesn’t sing aloud with us yet. Hubby sings the loudest, to the beat of his own…

Teaspoons in the Garden

One less teaspoon in the drawer one more in the garden beds one more beneath my children’s favourite tree. I know this for sure they’re not anywhere near my beloved teapot & searching’s become a daily chore. For the rest of this poem please go to Ripple Poetry Notes on Creativity This poem began asContinue reading “Teaspoons in the Garden”