Reinvention and New Horizons

So the big news is that we are MOVING.  We’re headed for the ‘big smoke’, the city after 8 years in the country.

It’s time to explore new horizons, and take on and create new opportunities.  This blog was about the country life, and now maybe it might be about the shift from country back to the city and new dreams.  I haven’t decided yet.  Is it time to retire this blog?

The good news is that in the city are lots of the online writing sprint friends, and creative friends who moved from Far North Queensland to Brisbane and who’ve stayed in touch online.

I was amazed that when we announced the move to find out just how many of my facebook buddies live close to this part of the world and I will meet them in real space for the first time.

It’s been a nostalgic week thinking of all we have been through in the country, both challenging and uplifting.  We are ready for the change, but there is so much we will miss.

As this chapter closes and a new opens several projects come to fruition: a book launch, an exhibition, and a series of short documentaries – what a busy time not to mention a son graduating from high school, a daughter moving into senior years and a son beginning high school next year.

We will leave right in the middle of cyclone season.   A new beginning,  and a definite road trip, onwards into the future.