Saying Goodbye: Leaving the North

To say goodbye to the Cassowary Coast we have revisited early photographs and taken new ones in the same pictured spot. One iconic spot in our local area is the Golden Gumboot pictured above.  It’s such a touristy thing to do, having a photo at all the big objects around Australia. No wonder we didn’tContinue reading “Saying Goodbye: Leaving the North”

Travelling Light – The day of the great book cull…

  We are selecting what to take to Brisbane.  We want to learn to travel lighter.  So although we love books, we are taking only our favourite and most useful books, and our most beautiful ones. It is the day of the great book cull. When I was growing up I owned about ten books,Continue reading “Travelling Light – The day of the great book cull…”

Returning North

This story  first appeared at ABC Open’s, New In Town.  Head over there to read more stories on this theme. So many times my hubby and I were new and then gone. We always seemed to be just settling in when it was suddenly time to go again. This follow, or be blown, by the wind lifeContinue reading “Returning North”