Little Things . . .

May you have a happy 2013, and set some awesome goals and fulfil them. One of my goals for this year is to make poetry posters like the above, and others are to produce inspiring short films, publish at least one book and finish some promised print on demand books, as well as earn aContinue reading “Little Things . . .”

Various Popular Pictures from Flickr Visitors

I was looking at the favourites from my flickr pages and found the following highlights. All of these images are within the top ten of interesting, comments, favourites. I notice the images cluster around childhood, nature, collage and poetry. Enjoy! Contemplation River (click image to go to poem & most favourites) Guitar Boy 2 (mostContinue reading “Various Popular Pictures from Flickr Visitors”

Country Music – Calls to My Heart

After an intensive blog challenge writing month, I am doing more private writing.  Next month I will share fewer stories but more regular photographs.  However, I am going to be disciplined and just share one photograph each time.  Obviously I take more, but there is always one I particularly like at the end of theContinue reading “Country Music – Calls to My Heart”

Who Shaped Me – makes me want to play my guitar…

Reading all the Who Shaped Me Stories so far at ABC Open is an enlightening experience. Just who do the contributors find shapes them? So far fathers, friends, and teachers lead the way. Are influences always positive, or do we sometimes form ourselves in antithesis to others? Denis Murphy explores this in his contributions.    EspeciallyContinue reading “Who Shaped Me – makes me want to play my guitar…”

Don’t Kill That Recorder: Piece 7

  Dad was keen to instil in us a love of music. The very first instrument he taught me was the recorder. He told me that so many people killed it when they played it. He was determined I wouldn’t be one of them. He himself played the recorder, beautifully, along with the tin whistle.Continue reading “Don’t Kill That Recorder: Piece 7”