The Motely-get-together-whenever-we-can-choir: Piece 6

We were the motely-get-together-whenever-we-can-choir, from all corners of the globe and all corners of the state of Tasmania, but our choir teacher, Erica, was a talented music teacher who didn’t mind our varying skills and took delight in our different cultural backgrounds. Erica would help us to find our pitch and tone.   She’d do thisContinue reading “The Motely-get-together-whenever-we-can-choir: Piece 6”

Finding the Zone in Song Writing – through Song Trails Tully

This year Tully Song Trails  gathered the musical experience of nineteen people from the ages of fifteen to seventy-eight years. All ages worked together and came from the genres of  bubble gum punk,  folk, country, rhythm and blues, and rock.  We had harp,  saxophones,  bass, flutes, guitar, trumpet and voices – high and low – allContinue reading “Finding the Zone in Song Writing – through Song Trails Tully”

Song Trails Returns to Tully time to get organised…

I’ve been at work in the creativity cocoon again, emerging for a walk to the corner store today, only to meet a lady who had been trapped in her home by slippery mud and had then been able to finally get out.  She had a huge smile on her face and was very chatty.  ThereContinue reading “Song Trails Returns to Tully time to get organised…”

Wonder a Day 14: Music

Today is another memory blog, of time at Yungaburra’s music festival.  Music is a wonder of our family’s life and this event from two years ago was part of the music journey they will take into their future. Full of workshops with people like Alesa Lajana, and concerts by people holding the workshops like herself. Continue reading “Wonder a Day 14: Music”