How to use Silly to Cope with a Natural Disaster

Today I flew in to Jedda Bradley’s facebook space for a chat. It was bucket loads of fun – the full interview mentions reality tv, chocolate, guinea pigs, chainsaws, and Hamish and Andy.   To read why visit  Jedda Bradley’s Artist Page.  Here is a short extract. Chatting with Jedda Ten BIG, medium and tiny QuestionsContinue reading “How to use Silly to Cope with a Natural Disaster”


  After Larry Butterflies were everywhere Tully hospital and Home gardens were their home. After Yasi So many trees gone in Tully and everywhere Uprooted, turned inside out With their skeleton roots starkly exposed But, Flights of dragonflies everywhere Clustering and descending To adorn rocks by Swimming pools in need of a clean Skimming onContinue reading “Dragonflies”

If Glass Could Talk

Originally posted on Ripple Poetry :
Image By June Perkins for Jacque If only all the tiny shards of glass bottle brown wine green yellow and purple orchid swirls could talk What would they say if fragments realigned knit themselves back like broken bones entwined in casts and heroes walked? What if the paralysed could miracle…

From Exhibition to Book – The Smile Within

On Sunday December 1st, After Yasi Finding the Smile Within, a full colour photo book with accompanying true and practical stories about how you can regain your joy through creativity after a cyclone, was launched at the Bingil Bay cafe in the Cassowary Coast. It was partly born out of my community reporter work forContinue reading “From Exhibition to Book – The Smile Within”


The Guinea Pig Mansion ‘Calico likes to eat his way out of everything,’ my daughter is giggling her story out to a fellow guinea pig lover.  The girls haven’t seen each other for a few months.  We haven’t been venturing too far since the cyclone and not necessarily visiting too many people.  However it’s aboutContinue reading “GUINEA PIG, CHOOK HOUSES & DRAGON FLIES”