Mind of Forests

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One must have a mind of forests branches creaking with the wind a song of long forgotten ones that fell to be covered by shades of green, rich and velvet tasted by the eyes cupped in bowl like hands then eaten for future dreams. Light sneaks in from the sky…

Passing the $5000AUD Mark!

So excited to let you know we have just passed $5000, and are now at $5049 raised towards our green light $9000 goal. Just $3951 more and we will have our project definitely up and away! There are just a few more hours left in our special Cassowary soft toy and book reward, so ifContinue reading “Passing the $5000AUD Mark!”

Kickstarter Crowd Funding Explained

For all of those Magic Fish Dreaming Backers  who might be using kickstarter for the first time. 1) You register to use as you are charged for the book only when project is fully funded and so you can receive updates of when your products will be delivered etc. 2) You do this once onlyContinue reading “Kickstarter Crowd Funding Explained”

Magic Fish Dreaming – kickstarter has begun

  “Magic Fish Dreaming,  an illustrated in full colour poetry book, 36 pages,  written by June Perkins, is now set to ride a kickstarter wave, to take it into homes of people across Australia and the world. Brimming with the themes of nature, family, diversity, childhood and environment, Magic Fish Dreaming is inspired by theContinue reading “Magic Fish Dreaming – kickstarter has begun”

Kickstarter Adventures

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Some of our Kickstarter Rewards – Aren’t they so cute! These critters, after much searching, have been located to become part of the Magic Fish Dreaming family. They are super delightful and even cuter when you see them in real space.  The crocodile is cuddly and he is behaving…