Scribble Leaves

Originally posted on Ripple Poetry :
Scribble Leaves – June Perkins What does the writing on the leaves mean? Who put it there? Insect, human or Great Spirit? Hugging Heritage – June Perkins Wrap your arms around green life. Wrap your arms around the source of your breath. Wrap yourself into the story of the carving. (c) June Perkins…

Illustrations, Inspirations, Imaginations!

  I thought regular readers of this blog might enjoy this video sampler of illustrations and inspirations. Magic Fish Dreaming now has its own vimeo channel. We’re truly almost ready to go. That kickstarter link is going public soon! The best way to help with Magic Fish Dreaming is to tell the friends you knowContinue reading “Illustrations, Inspirations, Imaginations!”

The Surprise

I like to go through my day mindful of my surroundings, letting thoughts rush through me.     Noticing the shadows cast by the trees and the gaps of green between them. Noticing the bird, is it a pheasant? disappearing into the woods. Thinking about what happened in Nagasaki all those years ago.    Continue reading “The Surprise”