The Night Before Yasi

4 years ago today. (February 2nd in Australia)

From the blog archives.

The rain and wind are picking up. You can hear a slightly increasing wind.

It quietens and then gusts again.

The guinea pigs are asleep dear ones.

Youngest is watching cricket with his Dad as the power is still on.

We have listened to Anna Bligh’s speeches and inarticulate teary people at evacuation centres.

‘Sit tight,’they say – ‘sit tight, it’s the water surges not the winds that kill people.’

David has put a mattress up again the window in our safe room. Peep flies around every now and then.

We are working on our digital story to keep us occupied.

We keep charging the batteries.

The sky is grey- the guinea pigs are waking and a bit on edge, and their caring owners see to them.

There are tiny breeze in the house due to the tiny holes in the floor and spaces here and there under doors I think.

We play games to occupy us.

We wonder where and when the eye will come. I think of that awful book by Patrick White I had to study at uni, Eye of the Storm. That was like being in a storm to read that work. I never want to read it again.

I think about the fact my daughter smiles when she is nervous, and Peep is running around and sitting on everyone’s shoulders.

The kids are actually a bit sleepy- they haven’t had much sleep – youngest is grumpy, but a wicket saves the day and is given something else to focus on. The wind gusts have swelled down again….it is raining.

We decided on consultation with others our house was safest to stay in – strong roof etc all set up and proofed, but if our neigbours have problems they will come here, or if we do we will go there, it makes you feel more secure.

(c) June Perkins