Dundee Park

Originally posted on Ripple Poetry :
Skull cave, Dundee Park – June Perkins Skull cave Home for bats For superhero dreams The white horse wanders. Crocodiles Swim away Escape in floods Nothing can contain them. Where crocodiles once roamed by lotus Pontoons are planned And safe places are cleared for people to camp. Lina shows us…

Jourama Falls

2013-02-04 adventuringnq_waterfalljourama 091, a photo by gumbootspearlz creations – June Perkins on Flickr.   This weeks highlight was a trip to Jourama Falls on the way home from a medical appointment. It was late afternoon, but being North Queensland still fairly warm. My children weren’t that sure about the whole idea, but their Dad andContinue reading “Jourama Falls”

Rain, I Write it, Live in it

Rain – I write it, live in it, love it and sometimes fear it and want to escape. Like it or not, it’s an inescapable part of North Queensland life. Rain can flood, trap, enclose and invite pieces of writing from within. Rain refreshes, reminds and reflects moods. I taste the rain and all it touchesContinue reading “Rain, I Write it, Live in it”

Wet Season Arrives?

A break from the writeup of the Brisbane Adventure, due to the arrival of the wet season. Will the wet season arrive?  Will we dodge cyclone warnings?  Will we be flooded in? This is a time to wake each day and listen to the radio whilst having breakfast, because announcements about non-accessible roads are inevitable. Continue reading “Wet Season Arrives?”