Walking out the Writing Beginning Blues

Dear Readers, Walking and thinking are truly a cure for a bad case of procrastinating starting something new. Recently I have been  constantly perched at my desk, and sometimes a lovely green recliner chair in front of the fish tank (that is when I can ‘rent’ some time from my daughter who just loves thisContinue reading “Walking out the Writing Beginning Blues”

How to Illustrate a Children’s Novel

Regular visitors to my blog have met Karen, today’s guest, before but for those who haven’t I’ll introduce her. Karen Tyrrell, is an award winning children’s resilience author who recently launched her second book in the Super Space Kids series, Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra, an action-packed FUN space adventure for kids 7-12 into the cosmos. WeContinue reading “How to Illustrate a Children’s Novel”

From Vomit Draft to the Pull of Memorable Characters: Saturday Writing Sagas 1

The second draft of my nanowrimo novel (2009) is calling out to me and saying, ‘why aren’t you writing me.’ I have many pat answers and excuses, but most of all it’s fear I don’t get rid of the right characters. There were so many sub plots and characters in the ‘vomit draft’ that IContinue reading “From Vomit Draft to the Pull of Memorable Characters: Saturday Writing Sagas 1”

Project Focus 1: Learning to Finish Things

There is so much going on in my creativity plans that I have to learn to FOCUS.  As if fate was taking a hand in this epiphany a friend posted a novel writing template today and encouraged people to finish their projects with it or any other PLAN.  I feel this is the perfect timeContinue reading “Project Focus 1: Learning to Finish Things”

Pandora’s Box of Imagination: Confessions of a Budding Novelist

So over the weekend my close writing confidant read the chapters I had already completed on the novel, and the verdict was close to my own, some settings and characters have to be saved for other books. I need to streamline. Imagine doing that with close personal friends who you know the whole history of.Continue reading “Pandora’s Box of Imagination: Confessions of a Budding Novelist”