Gumboots4Peace  by June Perkins 2006

 I do not want the peace that passeth understanding. I want the understanding which bringeth peace. -Helen Keller

We had moved to the Cassowary Coast, land of a big golden gumboot.

I went to an exhibition in the city sometime whilst we were living there, and discovered  a picture in an exhibition where an artist took his shoes for a walk like they were a pair of puppies.

They had personality.

He was fearless with his photographs.

I saw an online installation of soldiers’ shoes at a war memorial.

In my mind an idea formed,  why not have gumboots that had a message of peace.

They could be installed anywhere, decorated with peace messages, or anything the artist wanted to say about peace.

Perhaps people could pose with the boots.

What fun would that be!

Everywhere I traveled  I took pictures of boots calling people to peace.

Later I thought of those who don’t have boots, and decided to show the unity of the world through feet and the ecological footprints.  Poems in the shape of feet became part of the Ripple Project.

Time to share those installations of gumboots representing peace from all those years ago.


Gumboots4Peace by June Perkins 2006

“Peace is a daily, a weekly, a monthly process, gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly building new structures.”

-John F. Kennedy


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Dancing Moon, Fire, Ocean

To see what I have been up to whilst away from social and media and the internet visit this film.   Dancing Moon, Fire, Ocean.

I’ve been learning to apply collage techniques to film, just like the photographs I love to do.

This video features a couple.

Keep well and may you find the power of dance in your life.

dancingclouds (2)
Power of Dance – June Perkins

Seeing what is really there – more from ripple poetry

waiting for the eclipse
Ocean Gazing – June Perkins

His favourite colour is to be found in the ocean
but yesterday he realised it was not always blue
but green & grey
pink & blue
& it depended on
the way the light was reflected
& he then began drawing the
ocean all its colours
& then found out
a flame was not yellow.

By June Perkins

light on cardwell ocean
Light on Ocean – June Perkins

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