Lessons from Sally Pearson: Go for your Goal

I set the alarm for 5 to 6, knowing that this morning was the time Sally Pearson was going to run in the 100m hurdles final.  I woke up at 4 am without the alarm and watched the semis.  Sally was looking so focused.  Nothing, not rain, not other people running fast times, nor expectationContinue reading “Lessons from Sally Pearson: Go for your Goal”

Bolt of Talent: Lessons in the Making of a Champion

Today’s blog continues my interest in running.  This morning I was inspired by watching the fastest 100 metres final ever,  seven finalists ran under 10 seconds. I don’t profess to be a professional sports writer, but there is something about Usain Bolt’s achievement that can inspire us all and something magical about today’s final thatContinue reading “Bolt of Talent: Lessons in the Making of a Champion”