Launch of After Yasi

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Welcome to the Launch of After Yasi, Finding the Smile Within.  So wish it was possible to be with you all in person.

I did think about doing a live broadcast, but am not quite that advanced yet. One day. Instead here is the launch program for today and if you like for inspiration and to imagine we are all together in real space visit the video of the launch of the physical book.

Make sure you have your favourite healthy or unhealthy snack with you, and if you can your favourite people, friends, family, or pets.

Now be prepared for a travel through some links and keep this page open so you can see where to go to next.

Do any or all of the 8 activities, listed to participate in the launch. It’s totally up to you what you do, in what order etc.


  1. Listen to this poem –  Breathe
  2. Visit Mel Irvine’s post and any others in the blog hop and leave a comment Creative Recovery: human responses to natural disaster
  3. Watch a video story  (recommended Operation AngelBack on Track, Compilation Trailer).
  4. Visit the instrumental of Angie by Ben and the joint instrumental of Sandon and Ben – Stairway to Heaven [will make this link public later today all our friends can access it now]
  5. Head over to the live chat (times are later in the post.  This is low tech and just type in your comments at the facebook event site under where we begin the chat).  If you don’t have facebook post your comments under this blog and me and my family will answer them here.
  6. Leave comments on any spot in the blog hop for your chance to win a photo print  from the book (your choice) or a free copy of the ebook (you can still do this for the next few days).
  7. Any time today: Share an inspiring memory of the days,week, months, years, after Yasi of something kind you did or something kind someone else did for you (say if you want it considered for inclusion in the website).  Do it in your facebook status and or on twitter add the hash tag #afteryasi
  8. If you feel inspired buy  the ebook  HERE.

Feel free to scroll back through this week and leave comments as well.  And feel free to share this link and invite all you think would love participating.

Live Chat

At following times – pop in and chat. LIVE CHAT AT THIS LINK (or if no facebook under this post)

3 Times below for the live chat beginnings, this is to attempt to cater for Australian, US and UK participants.

3rd of February 11am – 12 midday(Australia, Queensland, Brisbane time)
3rd of February 7.30 pm – 8.30 pm (Australia, Queensland, Brisbane time)
3rd of February 10pm -11pm (Australia, Queensland, Brisbane time)

Please to work out when to be there wherever you are in the World or Australia use this

Suggestions for the online chat:

  • How to turn a negative into a positive
  • How to become a community grass roots documentary maker or artist
  • Affirmation – Acts of compassion and kindness
  • The ebook journey

The upside of this approach is that you can complete it at your own pace, any time today, but there are also some times I will be online for a live chat.  Some of my family, including my dear hubby will be turning up for these live chats.  I’m sure those of you who know David know that he can be hilarious.

Please let  me know with a smile icon or short message that you have popped in even if you don’t want to say much and just want to read, watch, listen.

I’ve been posting some thankyou lists, and will do a separate post on that tomorrow just to keep the blog short.

You can also check out

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Explore ABC Open’s Aftermath Project 

Blogging with a Purpose

a shell home for kids
Photo Credit – By June Perkins

Reading this blog  ‘Beautiful Thanks’ by Sarah today, reminded me of the power of blogging, words, images and friendship.

Recently I made my first digital story for my guest blogging at ABCopen.  I learnt how to use the video editing program with one In the Bin intensive workshop from last year, some pointers from Leandro Palacio and Mick Bromage, and a viewing of the inbuilt tutorial to the video editing program.  The rest was determination and practice (which I still need more of so do forgive my little editing gliches I am going to do another polish of the video).

My story was that of Operation Angel and their contribution to the recovery process in Lower Tully.  I could not have told this story without the sensitive documentary photographs of Carolyn Bofinger who captured the joy Operation Angel bought to locals.  I am delighted that she gave me permission to use these images as they are central to telling this story.

I mention friendship because Carolyn’s friendship with me and Sarah Allen’s friendship with Jacqueline Pascarl, has bought us all together in cyberspace and sometimes in real space.

We blog not aimlessly but with a purpose, for our art,  maybe our businesses, our communities, and for the creation of healing, humanitarian and recovery spaces.  We blog things we care about, and use social media platforms for something constructive.

To see the video visit  OPERATION ANGEL VIDEO ON VIMEO.

I am so inspired by the amazing people I meet and hear about, and every now and then extra special people come into my orbit – and there always seems to be a reason.

There is a power in digital stories, or short community made documentaries, to reach into people’s hearts.  It can be done on practically no budget, with a few handy tips in mind to make it more effective.  Watching closely how filmmakers frame image and cut between scenes is a big help.

Photo Credit – By June Perkins

(c) June Perkins