Volta – a Turn for Poetry

Images Courtesy for Queensland Poetry Festival, It’s been 10 months, since a live poetry event for the Queensland Poetry Festival (QPF). So, it was perhaps this that led to such anticipation and a within minutes booked out venue for the first Volta (an Italian term for the ‘turn’ in thought or argument in a sonnet,Continue reading “Volta – a Turn for Poetry”

How can we look beyond?

Monster, monster how you creep… What can we do to remain strong in the pandemic and other world disasters right now? How can we look more deeply to the future and the way out of this current challenge to humanity? How can we look beyond now with optimism? As a writer and storyteller I don’tContinue reading “How can we look beyond?”

In Times of Trouble . . .

Today I will be thinking as, an artist, writer, storyteller, of all the positive things I can do during this time of the Corona Virus pandemic! I feel calm and resilient, but protective of the vulnerable, but unlike Cyclone Yasi, which our family went through and recovered from, we don’t know when this particular situationContinue reading “In Times of Trouble . . .”