Walking Zombies

  We are walking zombies, not parents, undertaking a ritualistic walking up and down, up and down, with our youngest child. He just won’t sleep; even with dark circles under his eyes taking over his face.  He is such a cranky toddler.  Grizzle, grizzle, grizzle. Awake again.  All night! Nothing works. This has been goingContinue reading “Walking Zombies”

Treasure hunts, buggies, and community – a school working bee

Working bees are hard work for parents but often needed and appreciated for those they service.  In this case Murray Upper parents rose early to give the school garden, which has run amuck in the tropics and turned into the secret garden gone troppo, a good trim and tidy.  What a sacrificial way to spendContinue reading “Treasure hunts, buggies, and community – a school working bee”