Illuminations – on its way!

I have been a bit quiet of late, as a new book, Illuminations: 19 Poems and 1 Story, is about to be born. At the end of this post is a preview of the back cover. It has been a happy process – and has reunited me with designer Heidi Den Ronden and editor MatildaContinue reading “Illuminations – on its way!”

Grandpa’s Song

I love ‘Grandpa’s Song’ by Vika and Linda Bull, an Australian vocal duo with a Tongan family background  (their mother is Tongan.) This youtube link is not great quality but gives you an idea of the music video of the song. A better audio of  Grandpa’s song is HERE   Vika and Linda were originallyContinue reading “Grandpa’s Song”

The Ownership of the Yam Hole – My Oral History

Originally posted on Tribalmystic Stories:
The Yam Hole – JK.Leahy memoir series A yam garden in PNG. Public Domain image. Currently, the case of the Yam Hole (Ambisi) is an ongoing dispute amongst our people in Wagang Village, Lae, Papua New Guinea. The national government is negotiating with the villagers to build a large fisheries…