Illuminations – on its way!

I have been a bit quiet of late, as a new book, Illuminations: 19 Poems and 1 Story, is about to be born.

At the end of this post is a preview of the back cover.

It has been a happy process – and has reunited me with designer Heidi Den Ronden and editor Matilda Elliot from Magic Fish Dreaming and led to working with new illustrators, Ruha and Minaira Fifita and some additional editing from Belinda Belton.

This book will be available in June 2020.  I am using the Ingram Spark platform and developing more publishing and distribution skills this time around.

I’ve also retreated a bit to do some writing!  Will keep you posted on the book, and I am keeping up my instagram posts.

I’ve been reflecting on how we treat the aged in our population after passing my fiftieth year.  Some new poems being born through my poetry notebook.  They are perculating, aging gracefully to find their meaning!

That’s all for now.  Keep well, and think of happiness as a process not a destination.

Grandpa’s Song


I love ‘Grandpa’s Song’ by Vika and Linda Bull, an Australian vocal duo with a Tongan family background  (their mother is Tongan.) This youtube link is not great quality but gives you an idea of the music video of the song.

A better audio of  Grandpa’s song is HERE


Vika and Linda were originally in the band, The Black Sorrows and went on to establish successful solo careers.

They credit their time in The Black Sorrows with giving them the confidence and skills to to do that as they learnt a lot from Joe Camillleri.

Their last album Liberation Blue was released in 2006, this song is from an earlier album Princess Tabu (1996), which was re-released in 2006.

I love this album and the way it infuses their culture, Tongan Australian background into the songs and all their various music influences.

This song was written for their grandfather, it is sung by Linda although it is Vika’s story. . . .
It tells of Vika aged five being picked up after school by her visiting grandfather, he had just arrived from Tonga.

He was a very proud and strong man and he turned up wearing a shirt, his Tupenu (a wrap or a long skirt ) and sandals on his feet. None of her school friends had ever seen anything like it, men were supposed to wear trousers. She was so angry and embarassed by him that she yelled that she would
see him at home.

She marched off and he followed, giggling to himself. To this day she says she regrets what she did. She shunned him for being Tongan and for what he was wearing.

Today she says that she is “proud of her Tongan heritage and of her Australian heritage, and thanks her parents for teaching her this.

(This information is on the Youtube video under the song)

You can read more about Vika and Linda HERE and of course on Wikipedia and the various interesting archived links provided at wikipedia which reveal a treasury of rock history online archives talking about these two artists.

If you want to purchase the CD Amazon has this ALBUM as well as ebay and a few other places.  It is considered a rare record.  Some of the songs from it are available to listen to on youtube, including Princess Tabu.

(Music Monday, the first in a series of sharing a  song  I love on a Monday.  Maybe not every Monday, but every Monday I am inspired by a song.)

The Ownership of the Yam Hole – My Oral History

Enjoy a visit to Joycelin’s blog where she is sharing some special stories about oral history.

Tribalmystic Stories

The Yam Hole – JK.Leahy memoir series

5567559375_8ec7b4d105_b A yam garden in PNG. Public Domain image.

Currently, the case of the Yam Hole (Ambisi) is an ongoing dispute amongst our people in Wagang Village, Lae, Papua New Guinea. The national government is negotiating with the villagers to build a large fisheries wharf on my village. Wagang is a small coastal village less than 20 minutes drive to the heart of Lae City. This is the story about the site of the proposed development which is referred to as Ambisi, or the Yam Hole. The Yam Hole is my family’s inheritance, but due to foul play, the authorities have been negotiating with other people who have claimed to own the land referred to as the Yam Hole. With the permission of my Uncle Ahe Max Mambu, I am proud to tell you this oral history and a story about the Yam…

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Thought I’d share this book review on Lani’s book Scarlet Lies, from Tales from Pasifika.

Tales from Pasifika

‘Scarlet Secrets’ is the second book in Lani Wendt Young’s new contemporary adult romance series that follows the story of Scarlet, a young Samoan woman who returns to her motherland after years of absence.



Having spent a fabulous and passionate evening with Jackson, Scarlet starts to believe that it might be possible for her to actually survive the Samoan wedding of the year without killing the bride (her sister) or other very important people (the rest of her family) that ought to attend the ceremony. So she puts on a brave face and tries to be a good daughter, an even better sibling, and the best bridesmaid possible.

But, as the big day approaches, the secrets of the past begin to crawl out of the shade into the full Samoan sun. With Jackson’s encouragement, Scarlet decides it’s time to put a stop to the lies and reveal the painful…

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