Making More Time for Writing and Soul: Saturday Writing Sagas 7


Do you ever feel you need more time to write or create, like you spend too much time doing administration in your writing/creative day?

I think often, as creatives, we wish we had assistance, agents, publicists so we simply had more time to be creative. But these things all cost and until we make enough as artists/writers when are we going to afford such help.

Perhaps by having an well paying part-time day job that still gives enough time to write/do art? Hmm any of my readers in that position?

I am facing this issue head on, and about to embark on making more time for creating my art and writing by seeing if I can find some suitable grants out there that will help me employ some people to assist in the other work of being an artist/writer – the admin.  I think I remember seeing some.

If you know of any grants please let me know, I’d appreciate your help. I’ll let you know how I get on in the saga that is called building a full time writing career.

On an up-lifting note, I have sent my first individual self published book of poetry and stories to my designer, Paulien Bats, with a proposed page sizing! Yes, she is working on it and soon it will be even closer to being a reality.  I’ve had some stories and photography accepted to an upcoming Anthology for a writing group in Queensland (more on that later).

If you are a writer you will know that buzz of having work selected by an editor for publication.  It is an absolute joy.

Until next Saturday happy writing and creating and may you find the butterfly soul of song!

Back from the Editor: Journey of a Book 2

Fisher Girl1 – By June Perkins

So the copy for the upcoming book has been proofed and some positive feedback given!

Before I send it to the design/prepress person – the talented Paulien Bats – I have to finalise the page size/ book dimensions, work out what formats we will be publishing in (what I can afford), finalise the title, and work out if I will invite someone to work on a preface and who that person will be.

I am very excited about what Paulien will now be doing with the book, but have to make sure I have some clear information for her. She is going to be doing some design and illustration which we have already had some preliminary chats about.  How exciting!

At the same time I have been working on the Ripple Poetry site and sharing some other poems which are not going to be in the book, but which give some idea of what it might be like. I am working out some videos and other special things to do in the lead up to publication. So much to do but I’m feeling so rapt to have a book on it’s way.

There’s lots to be done still, but we’re well on our way!

fishing jetty cardwell girl
Fisher Girl2 – June Perkins

Creative Souls

It was special catching up with my high school friend, Paulien. My daughter,who had been showing her pictures over skype, was able to show them to her in real space. We took her to some of our favourite spots: the Licuala Rainforest, the Curtain Fig tree in Atherton, and lots and lots of waterfalls.

She kept telling my kids how amazing the place we lived in was, and how different it is to where she lives.

I loved seeing her so much.  There is something very special about old friends, especially ones you have stayed in touch with. She told us lots about the cold, to my children this was like listening to fairy tales.

They are such tropical kids.  We felt sorry for her putting up with our heat!  It did become very sticky whilst she was here. It was hard to say goodbye!   But good to reconnect after so many years, and find out that even with our extremely different home environments, at heart we are still those same college girls. Just with more experiences and of course now ‘Aunty’ Paulien, has actually met my hubby and kids.

Perhaps time for me and family to start travelling more and connecting with our friends from distant lands.

Creative souls Meet – By June Perkins