Thanks Misty for all the good times going through a cyclone Yasi with us making the children smile being a good friend to Chocolate, Calico, and Soot being good when you have your bath being you our beloved guinea pig.   Be happy under your garland of flowers free from pain forever in our memoryContinue reading “Farewell”

Operation Bath Time for the Guinea Pig Crew

  Mouse’s ‘A Story of a Tree’ and Michael Lloyd’s family ritual tales remind me that often family life is made up of small rituals that over time become richly significant. ** One of the small rituals of our family’s life is bath time for our champion guinea pig crew; champion because they survived CycloneContinue reading “Operation Bath Time for the Guinea Pig Crew”

Guinea Pig – Pet Magic

It’s true pets have a major restorative power.  Just looking at this photograph of our guinea pig Misty makes any stress I am feeling go down. This last week I have been doing tonnes of administration – and am learning about insurance as a solo writer/artist.  My local artist friends have given me heaps ofContinue reading “Guinea Pig – Pet Magic”

WONDER A DAY 10: Dilemmas pets and the Environment

To those who follow my blog regularly you will know pets figure strongly in my children’s lives, but it’s not just pets  – all animals they come into contact with  interest them. This photograph is of a gecko with my daughter – my kids just love them, especially the mini ones with lovely patterns onContinue reading “WONDER A DAY 10: Dilemmas pets and the Environment”

Peep’s Story

Yasi took some things from us that we will never have back again.  It took away our beloved Peep. Peep was a mynah bird, considered a pest up here, and as a chick it fell out of a tree.  It should have been erradicated, but ‘we took it out of the gene pool’  and itContinue reading “Peep’s Story”