Outlining Time

At the moment my blogs will be brief as I settle in for outlining, planning scenes and then carrying out my writing projects. I had a couple of weeks in Melbourne with extended family and visited the Art Vo Immersive Gallery. I think after this experience I’ll imagine myself immersed in the worlds of myContinue reading “Outlining Time”

Seats of the Pants or Planning to make it through the first Act

So I told some writing friends recently about my plotting dilemmas and the fact I don’t want a first draft that is a total mess.I need some navigational instruments and am actively looking for them. Some of them nodded their heads  in understanding as if this was a challenge for them too.It is definitely aContinue reading “Seats of the Pants or Planning to make it through the first Act”

Art singing and dancing in the Streets

Art in the city, not shut away in galleries, but everywhere you look. It’s on power boxes, telegraph poles, railway station walls. climbs onto walls and alleyways. chalked, painted, sprayed, and poster papered. It’s murals with messages from Martin Luther King everytime I used to catch the bus in Marrickville I’d see his face withContinue reading “Art singing and dancing in the Streets”

Declutter and the Master Plan: Saturday Writing Sagas 4

When I need to clear my head I tidy loose ends. I sort and stack, file and refile, move furniture,  wash, fold, renovate and repair. Sounds like avoidance, but actually it’s like the external work is doing internal work on my mind. It is a process of sorting, prioritising and turning creative piles into manageable, streamlined tasks.Continue reading “Declutter and the Master Plan: Saturday Writing Sagas 4”