Project Focus 1: Learning to Finish Things

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Pool of Creativity – June Perkins

There is so much going on in my creativity plans that I have to learn to FOCUS.  As if fate was taking a hand in this epiphany a friend posted a novel writing template today and encouraged people to finish their projects with it or any other PLAN.  I feel this is the perfect time for me to  do something well beyond the scope of my weekly blogs, guest blogs or a set creative project commissioned or voluntary for others.  I still want to make films and develop my photography, and I do need to do commissions for the cash, but one thing I can do regardless of money and equipment is get on with writing stories I am really passionate about and intrigued by – who knows one might even be a brilliant film idea and I will just know it when that happens and be passionate to devote even more time to it.

So with my friend’s  template in hand I am embarking on a quest to finish my projects!  The hardest thing in getting started is dipping into the pool of creativity and working out which half finished project to go back to, or whether to totally start from scratch.  Should it be:

1- Nanowrimo fantasy novel from 2009 and planned in a workshop.

2- Memoir pieces which I have been sporadically writing, and several which can be drawn from my blog.

3- Blogs of Cyclone Yasi (this one has been drafted so many times, its more editing and working out the best structure).

4- Historical fiction novel idea after a few days of brainstorming and looking for my story.

5-  Children’s poetry book (not a novel but in need of a polish for my ever patient illustrator).

6- A series of songs or poetry novel.

7- Historical fiction series for young readers I want to co-write with my hubby.

8- Several short stories – are they actually novel ideas????

9- Writing and creating short films, but with more of a script.

10- A Brilliant idea for a play I have had for 9 years and it is still itching in my head.

Which of the projects above in my list would you work on the most?

See told you my head was bursting with ideas – that’s not my problem, but focus! Hmmm………..

My old primary school teacher said – ‘you have enough for many years of projects’ and this is my challenge for the next two days – Work out which one is the most urgent, timely and one that I feel passionate enough about to stick it through the hard days and not feel I am on the wrong track.  No time for abandoning whatever I set out to do this time, it is the time to COMPLETE.

It occurs to me that a couple of projects are almost complete, maybe I could do those at the same time and have this primary project being driven along firmly by the template.  All it takes will be some serious work ethics and a don’t give up attitude.  Will this make me lose focus, or will completing those almost complete projects drive my determined project along even faster. I could see what a month teaches me and take it from there.

For relaxation – I will be doing  photography,  reading , and make short poetry films- which might find ways of driving my writing.   I will eat well and exercise (especially running!) to give myself energy to write.   Whatever happens in my life I want to keep on with my goal, so if I get a day job to help the family out or commissions I will still set time aside for this great propelling project.

What will I cut down on? Probably spending so much time on social networking, other than to touch base with sources that will encourage my writing project .  This is really neccessary as every second counts, and I need to find a daily rhythm.  Watching useless television to relax – replace with walking, reading, quality time with the kids and hubby, and good quality films.  As for blogging: a reflection on how I am going and a photograph here and there will be the way to go.  This is part of learning to FOCUS.

What else can I make more time for? Research trips to library and life to help me with the novel.  At least telephone chats or a coffee with close friends now and then and then back into the world of  finishing  a writing project.

So here we go,  let Project Focus begin.  Thanks to  all my friends who have been reading my sporadic writing efforts and the nanowrimo novel draft, as well as to Traditional Evolution.  

I am going to FOCUS now.

(c) June Perkins