Mermaids and Monster Trucks

Originally posted on Ripple Poetry :
  Monster Truck Boys, Monster Truck Boys they love to drive their Monster trucks. Mermaid Girls, Mermaid Girls swimming with the dolphins go the Mermaid Girls. Mermaid Girls and Monster Truck Boys Now they go to school Could there be a duel? Mermaid Girls watch the Monster Truck Boys. Monster…

Final Hours Magic Fish Dreaming some Special rewards

So we are down to the final 46 hours for Magic Fish Dreaming and we’re at 133 precious and beloved backers, We just need $342 to reach $10,000 AUD. Mini Education kit $65 AUD 1 plushy native animal toy, 1 Tasmanian Tiger Toy, 1 printed book signed by author and illustrator, 1 calico bag,Continue reading “Final Hours Magic Fish Dreaming some Special rewards”