Your Thought Will Spread

This photo attempts to portray a thought, spiritual and positive, beginning its journey.   This month’s contribution to Nineteen Months   Head to that site if you want to view some more inspiring meditation images and explore the quotes that go with them.   Especially look out for the images from Dan Jones and AdibContinue reading “Your Thought Will Spread”

One of 100 Faces

Today I was thrilled to have a portrait selected to be one of 100 representing ABC Open contributors at the Tweed River Art Gallery! The exhibition of 100 Faces from SNAPPED: FACES is a partnership between Tweed River Art Gallery and ABC Open. The Gallery will  be exhibiting our portraits during the Olive Cotton Award exhibition. ThisContinue reading “One of 100 Faces”

A man, a guitar, country songs: quest for portraits

Bob Elliston asked if I could do some portrait shots for him.   We met at Song Trails last year, where I was the workshop photographer and fellow songwriter participant. Bob is the President of the Yungaburra Folk Festival and music has been his lifelong passion.  He has played in several bands and groups.  IContinue reading “A man, a guitar, country songs: quest for portraits”

Faceless Portrait Challenge

This month I am participating in the ABC Open photo challenge  ‘faceless portraits’.   Above is one of my contributions  – from a series I am developing called, Look What I Found, You can see my other contributions here Faceless Portraits for ABC Open. I have been enjoying browsing through other’s contributions. I loved thisContinue reading “Faceless Portrait Challenge”

Make Me Look Beautiful: Challenges of Documentary Photography

Why would some people rather eat brussel sprouts with mustard and peanut butter than have a photograph taken? Why do some people hug the camera as it if was their dearest long lost primary school friend that they haven’t seen in thirty years? Is it simply that some people think they break the camera glassContinue reading “Make Me Look Beautiful: Challenges of Documentary Photography”