Positive Visualisation

Walking in the Greenlight -June Perkins

When venturing forth to new projects sometimes I feel a little trepidation.  Will the audience understand what I am on about?  Will they be receptive?

To overcome this I am visualising the butterflies taking flight into a blaze of sunbursts, and the purpose of my art being clear to myself and others.

A friend and I recently had a chat about dreams and how they can hold pieces of our heart. I realised I have lots of dreams about writing and photographing.

When I am stressed I don’t remember my dreams or feel like I have spent the whole night continuing to process what I am trying to say with my art, and it can make me sleepy the next day.

The night of this conversation I had an amazing dream about walking into a room full of my photographs and having them speak to others.  I was so happy!  It was just like walking in the green light of the Far North Queensland afternoons.

All the best to you venture forth into new grounds, and may you have the blessing of a positive visualisation.